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FreeNetwork IP Allocations
  • FreeNetwork IP Allocations

This is a list of IP Allocations used by various Wireless Groups around the world and can be used for coordinating IP addressing and peering. See also WirelessGroupNumbers for ASN assignments.

Hardware - Maquinario

Lista de trastos y supertrastos utilizados en las comunidades wireless.
Trastos multiradio (supertrastos)
Marca/Modelo CPU RAM Almacenamiento: Ethernet: MiniPCI: Otros: Precio aprox::
Mikrotik RouterBoard600A PowerPC MPC8343E 266/400MHz 128MB DDR SDRAM NAND 128MB, 2x CF 3 x 10/100/1000 4x Ampliable 191eurs+IVA
Mikrotik RouterBoard433AH Atheros AR7161 680 MHz (@800MHz) 128MB SDRAM NAND 64MB, microSD 3 x 10/100 3x - 116eurs+IVA
Mikrotik RouterBoard433 Atheros AR7130 300 MHz 64MB SDRAM NAND 64MB 3 x 10/100 3x - 78eurs+IVA
PC-Engines ALIX 2C0 433 MHz AMD Geode LX700 128 MB DDR DRAM 1x CF 2 x 10/100 2x - 82eurs+IVA
PC-Engines ALIX 3C2 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 256 MB DDR DRAM 1x CF 2 x 10/100 2x USB 90eurs+IVA
PC-Engines ALIX 1C 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 256 MB DDR DRAM 1x CF 1 x 10/100 1x USB,VGA,PCI 94eurs+IVA
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